Engineering Manager

Ready to rewrite the future with us? Join the club today! We are looking for Engineering Managers to join us at FlexClub. 

About FlexClub

FlexClub is an auto-tech company who is driven to give you the freedom to drive your life anywhere, anytime. We do this by offering our members the simplest and most flexible way to get a car through car subscriptions. This is achieved through partnering with the best and most reputable car rental companies and fleet providers. Our online marketplace enables both commercial and private members to easily browse and order their next car.

Our founding team is made up of Uber alumni who specialised in Vehicle Solutions for the ride-hailing ecosystem for over a combined decade. We started working on our mission by radically improving the informal (and often exploitative) peer-to-peer rental model that currently dominates ride-hailing in emerging markets. Our focus has now evolved beyond the ride-hailing world and we expanded our offering to private users who seek a mobility solution that does not tie the user down with commitments.

We closed our seed round in early 2019 and we’re backed by pioneering VCs and respected business leaders, to fuel our mission to unlock the simplest and most flexible way to get cars online. Why do we do what we do? Simple. We want to give you the freedom to drive your life anywhere, anytime. Excited?

Role Overview

We're looking for people who are excited about what we're doing—you don't need to know anything about subscriptions, but should be excited to learn. We’re looking for people who care about our customers and making a difference in their lives. We're tackling a massive challenge and are looking for people who want to learn and grow and are excited to help our start up grow.

We're still in the scrappy startup phase, so are looking for people who are comfortable with ambiguity and having a wide impact. We've been remote-first since Day 1, and care a ton about communication, autonomy, curiosity, and initiative.

Our stack is React (styled-components), Next.js, Nginx, Laravel, Postgres and Debian. We are moving from a PHP monolith to a React front end hosted on Vercel and our PHP hosted in Kubernetes.

Most of our development tasks are related to:

  • Building out new features
  • Extending and improving on our APIs 
  • Extending and improving different user experiences for our subscribers & partners
  • Integrating with partners, data sources & communication channels
  • Building out and improving our data processes 
  • Building out and improving our infrastructure and Developer Experience tools

At the moment, while our team is so small (< 10 developers) we are only looking for senior developers. Once our team is larger we will be able to have the capacity to mentor them properly and will be opening for a wider variety of positions.

As an Engineering Manager you will be responsible for a team of cross functional developers working closely with a Product Manager.



  • Works with Product Manager on defining work needed to complete tasks/initiatives.
  • Collaborates with Product Manager on how best to break down a project to meet objectives effectively.
  • Make sure team members are launching quality work in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that success is defined for projects and that this is measured after delivery.
  • Works to define, track and improve development metrics.


  • Makes sure work from sprint is assigned, and pushes for the right people to take them.
  • Works with engineers to provide estimates for work based on a scope.
  • Sets up and maintains team process to deliver maximum impact.


  • Weekly 1-1s with team members.
  • Coaching developers.
  • Career development and growth.
  • Process development, refinement and maintenance.

Ideal Skill Set

  • People management.
  • Communication.
  • Project management skills.
  • Development & delivery metrics.


  • Remote work but ideally based in Cape Town or Amsterdam


  • Startup environment that offers the opportunity to get in on the ground floor and shape the direction of the company as we grow internationally
  • Take time to recharge when you need it
  • Work with a young, vibrant team who are driven to succeed
  • Ownership in FlexClub through our employee share incentive scheme

Interview process

  1. Culture and Tech interview with CTO
  2. Engineering Manager interview with Product Team
  3. A simple at home project
  4. Second interview to discuss project and meet other team members
  5. Call with the founders

How to apply

Apply for the role by sending your CV to and use “Your name + Engineering Manager” as your subject.

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