A bit about us


FlexClub is an auto-tech company that is driven to give you the freedom to drive your life anywhere, anytime. We do this by offering our members the simplest and most flexible way to get a car through car subscriptions. This is achieved through partnering with the best and most reputable car rental companies and fleet providers. Our online marketplace enables both commercial and private members to easily browse and order their next car.

Our founding team is made up of Uber alumni who specialised in Vehicle Solutions for the ride-hailing ecosystem for over a combined decade. We started working on our mission by radically improving the informal (and often exploitative) peer-to-peer rental model that currently dominates ride-hailing in emerging markets. Our focus has now evolved beyond the ride-hailing world and we expanded our offering to private users who seek a mobility solution that does not tie the user down with commitments.

We closed our seed round in early 2019 and we’re backed by pioneering VCs and respected business leaders, to fuel our mission to unlock the simplest and most flexible way to get cars online. Why do we do what we do? Simple. We want to give you the freedom to drive your life anywhere, anytime.excited?



Take ownership. Be accountable.

That's not my job" is not a phrase we use. We all act like owners every day. We acknowledge mistakes and fix them. We take pride in our responsibility to the team.


No standing still.

If you're standing still, you're going backwards. We work on growing every week. Growth is active, not passive. We embrace discomfort for fast learning.



Delight customers every day.

Our brand is what members say about us. It’s not our logo or the photos we use. The experience we create is our identity. Being world-class is delighting members every day.


Dig deep for answers.

We're not superficial in our thinking. We aim to never repeat the same mistakes. Our quest for substance is unwavering. Learning “why” things happen matters more.


Play for the front. Not the back.

We are playing a team sport. We push each other to be at our best. No individual is greater than the team. There's no value in reaching the finish line alone.



Chase problems. Don’t be a victim.

Every day new problems will surface. Avoiding them or complaining about them doesn’t help. We charge towards problems to change reality. No problem should ever defeat our spirit.


Challenge mediocrity boldly.

We seek out moments to be remarkable. Excellence is the only truly sustainable advantage. Mediocrity is far worse than failure. We don't suffer it in silence.