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Our Vehicle Partners


FlexClub is proud to partner with brands such as Avis, Europcar, Pace, Moblee and MotionAds who play an integral role in creating the most convenient vehicle shopping experience on our marketplace. They entrust us to distribute their subscription offers to thousands of members who value flexible vehicle access.

Some of our members think of us as the retail store for subscriptions, much like you might think of a retailer like Pick 'n Pay or Makro that distributes all your favourite consumer goods brands. The subscription offers, on our virtual shelves, are provided by our selection of Vehicle Partners and we make it easy to shop for the perfect one. We bring you the best vehicle subscription offers through our online marketplace that you can select your vehicle and have it delivered to your door in a matter of days.

Our Partners

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Why turn to FlexClub?


FlexClub offers a simple and easy-to-use subscription shopping platform, with an online experience that removes the need for excessively high deposits or credit card holds.  Easily order a vehicle that suits your needs with support from our world-class customer success team that is dedicated to serving your every mobility need, assisting you at any point throughout your journey. Simply create your profile, order your vehicle and have it delivered, all in just a few clicks. 


Return or change your vehicle at any time without any penalties or hidden costs - because we value your freedom and flexibility as much as you do. With FlexClub, you get to keep total control of your monthly spend, regardless of which Vehicle Partner you choose.

Ready to sign up?  Let’s make flexible driving possible for you.

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